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Urology Department

Head of the Department Urology Department Urology Department  

The Department of Urology provides treatment for urolithiasis (urinary stone disease, USD), congenital malformations and injuries of the urogenital system organs, oncourological diseases, purulent – inflammatory processes in the urogenital system, non-malignant hyperplasia of the prostate (NHP), urogenital pathology, male infertility and erectile dysfunctions.

Physicians of the Department carry out the treatment up to the International Standards according to the European and Armenian Urological Associations protocols.


Clinical Service:

1. Reconstructive surgery for the urinary system and male genital organs

2. Endoscopic surgical procedures

3. Percutaneous operative procedures

4. Laparoscopic surgery

5. Minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures (sclerotherapy, remote lithotripsy)

6. Conservative therapy of the urological diseases

7. Outpatient surgical procedures.

Our clinic is a pioneer in the adoption of the minimally invasive and low-traumatic surgical procedures: transurethral resection (TUR), optical urethrotomy, uretherorenoscopy (URS), percutaneous kidney surgery, laparoscopy and retroperitoneoscopy in urology, sclerotherapy of varicocele, contact and remote lithotripsy. Shock-wave lithotripsy performs on the second generation lithotripter NOVA of DIREX SYSTEMS firm. The traditional surgery rate in non-malignant prostate hyperplasia (NMPH) and urinary stone disease (USD) is minimized. Outpatient surgical activity is adopted. The Urology Clinic has 20 inpatient beds located in the single- and double rooms and three first-class rooms.

The Urology Clinic is affiliated to the Department of Urology at the National Institute of Health, MH RA.


Professor Ivan G. Aghajanyan, M.D., the Head of the Department,

President and founder of the Armenian Association of Urology (AAU), a Full Member of the Academy of Surgical and Medical Science of Armenia and the International Federation of Surgical Academies, a Foreign Member of the AMS of Georgia, Academician of the AMTS and ANS of Russia, Active Member of the European Association of Urology, Corresponding member of the American Urological Association, Honored Member of the Georgian Urological Association.

The urologists of the Department are the Members of the Armenian and European Associations of Urology.


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